itineraries in umbria

Itineraries in Umbria for couples

Discover the best itineraries in Umbria for couples, in the region where Saint Valentine was born! Nature, art and good food are not only in Tuscany: the region of Umbria will surprise you in more than a way.

If you are a couple planning to visit Italy and you want a romantic itinerary immersed in nature and art, a trip to Umbria is the perfect choice. This region is in the centre of Italy, next to Lazio (Rome), and Tuscany (Florence) is a real gem, which has nothing to envy to Florence or Pisa. You can bring your lover to its several cities, parks and mountains and whisper words of love watching breathtaking views. Let’s start with our itinerary in Umbria: choose your favourite destination and let us know if you need any guided tour!


  1. Terni, Narni and Marmore Falls

    Marmore falls in Umbria

    Marmore falls in Umbria

    Any romantic journey to Umbria should start with a visit to Terni, the city known for a very famous inhabitant: Saint Valentine! You can visit the Church of Saint Valentine’s and share your promises onto a book for lovers set in the last chapel on the left, near the apsis. If you are going around February-March check out the Valentinian Events, a collection or religious and cultural events. School boys, couples, families and tourists can all enjoy the celebration of love, in all its aspects. After this romantic stop, you can proceed to the neaby city of Narni, with its stunning views and medieval architecture. The bridge of Augustus, located over the River Nera, dates back to 27 BC. and has often been painted by famous French artists, come to Italy for their “Grand Tour“, the journey through Italy so fashionable in the XVIII and XIX centuries.
    Speaking of “Grand Tour”, another destination also included in this journeys were the Marmore Falls. Bring your lover here to get swept by the force of nature: kiss under the Balcony of Lovers and admire the first jump of the falls (bring your macs with you!) and if you want to propose in a very romantic way, tell your partner about the romantic legends of the Marmore falls. Legend says that Saint Valentine wanted to prove the purity of the beautiful Nerina (from Nera, the river of Umbria) to her lover and to do so he hit the rocks with his pastoral stick. A jet of water originated from the rocks giving life what seems like a bridal veil!


  2. The Lakes of Piediluco and Trasimeno

    Lake of Piediluco in Umbria

    Lake of Piediluco in Umbria

    Not far from the Marmore Falls is the Lake of Piediluco, famous for its echo. Take your lover on a boat on the lake and when you reach the centre leave him/her speechless shouting “I love you”… the echo will do the rest! Drive 122km northway to find another lake, Trasimeno.

    The whole territory surrounding Lake Trasimeno has a romantic aura. We suggest to reach Isola Maggiore for a nice walk at sunset. Walk through the old fishermen borough and look at the Museum of Lace, until you reach the cliff of Saint Francis. Legend has it the Saint took refuge here during his stay on the island. A further step could be the Church of Saint Michael. Take the chance to admire the stunning reflections that water and sunset lights will offer you. If your lover is a contemporary art lover you can go to Campo del Sole, an original collection of 27 big statues, reminding of those adorning the Easter Island. Set up between 1985 and 1989 Campo del Sole was created in order to build a memorial on the land where the battle of Annibal took place.

  3. Orvieto, Gubbio and Perugia

    the Duomo in Orvieto, Umbria

    the Duomo in Orvieto, Umbria

    These are the three biggest cities in Umbria,  apart from Terni. Orvieto, famous for his Duomo, offers amazing views over a huge cliff. But we think a couple would appreciate more the ancient part of the city, to have a priviledged view over the surrounding hills, between Via Alberici and Via Ippolito Scalza. Just park in Campo della Fiera: a lift will bring you up there directly! If you are keen on tasting some wines, not far from this spot you will find “Palazzo del Gusto” (“Palace of Taste”) and Umbria’s Regional Wine Centre, host in the former convent of Saint John, inside narrow passages dug out in tufo rocks. The Wine centre collects the best Controlled Origin Denomination wines of Umbria!
    Gubbio is another city full of romantic spots and nice views. For a romantic walk start from Piazza Grande and go up through Via Galeotti, Via della Cattedrale, to reach the Duke Palace and the Duomo. During this stroll you will meet imposive vaults: walk beneath them and you will find a nice terrace, perfect to admire the Consuls Palace and the rest of the city, sipping a nice drink. If you want to impress your partner, another great city in Umbria is Perugia, the sweet city of the “Bacio” (“kiss”) chocolate made from the brand “Perugina”. A nice spot for lovers is on Corso Vannucci, one of the main streets. If you are in the mood for some laughs and some love, go to Piazza Italia under the portal of the provincial building and try out the Whispering Arches. Stand at diagonal opposite corners of the arches and whisper to each other, you’ll hear the other loud and clear!


  4. Castelluccio, Mount Cucco and the Oasis of Alviano: for sporty lovers

    The Flowering Plain of Castelluccio

    The Flowering Plain of Castelluccio

    Those who love to keep active and live in the nature will love a trip to Castelluccio Plain, near Perugia. During the winter you can enjoy a “ciaspolata“, a walk on the snow with rackets at your feet. During the spring you get the best of this place: you will love the “Flowering” on the plain- For several weeks the monotony of grassland gets broken by a thousand colors, with flowers ranging from yellow and red, to purple and orange. The kind of flowers growing in this plain are countless, among these we can name: gentianellas, daffodils, violets, poppies, buttercups, daffodils, purple eugeniae, clovers, shamrocks etc. If you love biking, take a ride in the areas of Arrone, Ferentillo and the Fluvial Park of the River Nera. It will be an easy path of 10 km, also fine for people with limited experience. For more extreme couple a nice suggestion is going down the Carsic Grotto of Mount Cucco, a huge underground path extending fot over 30 km, with the deepest point reaching 923 meters! Our last proposal is a trip to one of the biggest Oasis of WWF in Alviano, full of points of observation: you could even spot a white heron or an osprey!


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Bramante Staircase

Bramante Staircase: one of the wonders of the Vatican

The Vatican City boasts countless great museums, with extensive art collections attracting thousands of visitors everyday. Inside these galleries we can admire classical sculptures and masterpieces of the Renaissance art. Among these few are able to admire Bramante Staircase, a revolutionary piece of architecture that is hidden inside the Vatican walls.

Inside the Vatican Museums a vast number of art pieces and amazing architectures can be admired, belonging to different persiods, cultures and countries from all over the world. One of the biggest exhibition spaces inside the Vatican is the Pio-Clementine Museum, built in the 18th century as ordered by Pope Julius II to host countless Ancient Greek and Roman collections belonging to the Papacy.  Among these priceless pieces lies an uncompared Renaissance architecture, commissioned by the same Pope Julius II at the start of the 16th century to link the Belvedere Palace of Pope Innocent VIII to the city of Rome. Tucked inside the large square tower belonging to the Pio-Clementine Palace we can see a breathtaking spiraling structure, carved in stone by a famous architect from Tuscany, Donato Bramante.

The amazing thing about the “Bramante Staircase” is its shape: centuries before the DNA was discovered, Bramante created a staircase with the shape of a double-helix, something its contemporaries had obviously never seen before. His creation soon gained a huge popularity among the public. The purpose of this staircase, though, was very practical: it was once an entrance from street level to the Papal apartments, but it was built to accommodate even horses and mules carrying large items back and forth from the Papal Palaces.

Not only is this staircase beautifully designed and carved: climbing it to the top will allow you to gain a breathtaking view across Rome and the Vatican estate. Today, though, Bramante staircase is closed to the general public. Only visitors who has been granted a special access have the privilege to walk this precious staircase. If you want to be among those few priviledged visitors, do not hesitate to check out our “Tours of the Vatican with Restricted Areas” and discover how to visit the Vatican with a Private Guide, entering most of the restricted areas of the Museums!