Colosseum Dungeons

Right under the arena , where the gladiators used to fight, a complex of dungeons worked as a backstage for the matches. The Colosseum’s dungeons is organized with a central corridor and some minors, where gladiators got ready for the combats and romans used a sort of old lift to create some special effects. Infact, the animals were brought to the arena floor thanks to this kind of lift, drove by many people. The lift was recently reconstructed to give an idea of how it used to be. Visiting the dungeons is fundamental to understand the engineering of the romans. Can you image to organize special effects about 2000 years ago without the help of technology?

You can find it in these Tours

Vip Dungeons and Arena Colosseum Small Group Tour

Visit the off limit undergrounds and arena floor of the Colosseum and jump in the past, experience ancient roman stories, discover the gladiator’s life and games.You will step in the …

Moonlight Tour of the Colosseum’s Dungeons and Arena Floor

Discover from outdoor the magic Ruins illuminated at night  of the Roman and Imperial Forums and visit inside the off limit Colosseum Dungeons and  Arena floor, where the Gladiators made …

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