Why planning a Trip to the Amalfi Coast

A Trip to the Amalfi Coast is the perfect destination for your honeymoon or for a romantic escape with your partner. Discover why the Amalfi Coast is so special!

The Sorrento Peninsula, which includes Amalfi Coast, is a beautiful area in the South of Italy, in the region of Campania. It has everything you could ask from a relaxing, romantic holiday: look one way from Sorrento and you’ll see Vesuvius looming up next to Naples. Turn your head to the other direction and here are the dramatic cliffs of the Amalfi Coast: a paradise for couples and newlyweds! Sorrento and the near cities are rather crowded and full of tourist shops. But it’s worth putting up with this and have the chance to enjoy its unique beaches, villages and history!

The Sorrento Peninsula offers an infinite series of breathtaking natural views and seaside resorts, but is also made special by its architectural and historical wonders. The history of the peninsula is long and complex: having been ruled by so many different cultures, the buildings and monuments, together with the food and popular traditions, are eclectic and varied. Despite this, the population has a strong cultural identity and is a wonderful example of hospitality and generosity.

The most attractive area in the Salerno Peninsula is the world-famous Amalfi Coast.
The main cities you’ll definitely have to add to your itinerary of a
Trip to the Amalfi Coast are Amalfi, Ravello and Positano. Start fresh in the morning and allow 8 hours time to visit all three cities. Let’s start with Amalfi!


trip to the amalfi coast
A picturesque interlacing of alleys overlooks the blue sea with its amazing colors reflecting the unique landscape of Amalfi, the town which gives its name to the entire coast.
Dominated by the Cathedral of Sant’Andrea (St. Andrew), Amalfi offers visitors so many testimonies of its glorious past as a Maritime Republic. Famous is also the beautiful Baroque fountain of Sant’Andrea, meeting point for young people in the area. Built in 1760, it is the starting point for the parade of Sant’Andrea, which takes place every 30th November and 27th June through the streets and the beach of Amalfi.


trip to the amalfi coast

Another must-see of the Amalfi coast is Ravello, elegant and refined village, tucked in the green and full of luxurious villas (perfect venues for a wedding!). The heart of the city is represented by Piazza Vescovado, with the wonderful architecture of Palazzo Rufolo and the Cathedral with its majestic portal and 10 feet high bell tower. Ravello has been declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996 and is today a favourite destination for intellectuals and music ad art lovers. Ravello also known all over the globe for its Music Festival, organized in the Spring in the garden of Villa Rufolo, where an evocative setting and the emotion of the music create an experience of great intensity.


trip to the amalfi coast
A Trip to the Amalfi Coast won’t be complete without a visit to Positano, a true paradise on earth. This city is often compared to Montecarlo, for its vertically developed buildings and a tangled overlay of streets, shops and alleys that make the colorful views of Positano a must for any nature lover and photograph-addicted!
The main street divides the city in two parts and any area is linked to one another by small staircases, another symbol of the city. Its warm climate makes Positano the perfect destination during the Summer as well as during the autumn and spring, since the temperature rarley goes below 6°C, even during the winter!
In the town center you can visit the Parish Church of Santa Maria Assunta with its large dome, tiled in majolica and sheltering precious works such as polychrome marble altars. After visiting the main sites you can relax with some shopping and buy souvenirs in unique local handcrafts shops. Typical of Positano are also linen hand-made shirts and dresses!

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