Adventure Tour For Kids: Colosseum and San Clemente Walking Tour

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Tour Description:

Our Private Tour Colosseum and Underground Rome will allow you to visit the Colosseum and the Church of St. Clemente’s: a once in a lifetime experience through the original undergrounds of Ancient Rome.

With your friendly and passionate guide you will discover the Colosseum first and learn about the stories and anecdotes on the roman Life, Gladiators and Roman Emperors. You will learn about the roman show and gladiators combats and have fun while discovering ancient Rome!

After  your private guided tour of the  Colosseum you will go to the Ludus Magnus, the school place of the Gladiators and proceed to San clemente Basilica where apart from the Medieval Church you will see the real Undergrounds of Rome eternal city! Do not miss to  walk down the different layers of history hidden under St. Clemente’s Church. dating back to thousands of centuries.

When you walk down St. Clemente’s undergrounds it will be like a journey through time: you will even walk in a roman house from the end of the first century!

First an elegant house from Ancient times, this building was later turned into a workshop for coin minting. In the 2nd century one portion of the house became a Pagan school worshiping the God Mithra, while it only became a Christian Basilica in the IV century.

Your guide will lead you through the underground levels of St. Clemente’s, going about 45 feet below, where ruins of the Ancient Roman House are still visible. Your adventure will continue to the upper level about 15 feet below the ground level to discover an Early Christian basilica from the 4th century A.D. with beautiful frescoes from the IX to the XI centuries.

Your last stop will be in the higher level of the St. Clemente’s Church, where you will admire beautiful gold mosaics. From San Clemente you will proceed to the Colosseum: you will enter here with skip the line tickets. You will see the archaeological area of the Roman Forum from a panoramic spots, with its impressive temples and arches still standing after many centuries.

Like a Time Machine you will go back to 2000 years ago and see a “Mithraeum” where the people devoted to the God Mitra in the Roman times, where learning about Mithra religion and practicing the rite.

This tour is perfect for couples, friends and for families with children. Do not miss to see after the Colosseum some real undergrounds of Rome, taking the opportunity to walk on the original roman levels from the 1st century A.D

Itinerary: Colosseum, Gladiators School (Outdoor), San Clemente medieval church, San Clemente undergrounds roman levels.

Suitable For:
Couples Adults friends


3 Hours

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Tour Info:

Price Include

Private guide for 3 hours and Colosseum skip the line tickets

Not Included:

Tickets for San Clemente’s undergrounds are to be paid by the client on site.

Dress Code:

Comfortable clothes and shoes. For churches your shoulders must be covered and your pants or skirts are admitted if they are at the knees


No wheelchair accessible
Our kids tours are for kids 6 years old or older
A current valid passport or ID document is required on the day of the tour for the entrance at the Colosseum

Meeting Point:

By the short side of the Arch of Constantine, facing the Colosseum

Direction to departure location

Please be at the short side of the Arch of Constantine located in Colosseum Square. The guide will be waiting at the side of the Arch facing the Colosseum

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