The best parks and Museums for Kids in Florence

Discover the best Parks and Museums for Kids in Florence. Find out were to bring your little ones to have some fun in the open air and 5 museums where kids can learn about the rich history of Florence in an interactive way.


Parks for Kids in Florence


If you want to let your kids steam off after a long walk or if you want to enjoy a sunny day in the open air, Florence is full of green spaces.
The “Parco delle Cascine”, stretching along Vittorio Veneto Square until Indiano Bridge, is perfect if you are looking for a nice and safe playground. Here you can rent roller blades or have a refreshing a swim in the swimming pool.
Also very nice is the “Horticulture Garden”. Its “tepidarium”, a spectacular greenhouse in iron and glass built in 1880, hosts plants during the winter season. The garden also has a playground and a linking passage to the “Parnassus Horts”, a wonderful terrace overlooking a breath-taking panorama of Florence. Your kids will love the Fountain of the Dragon,  whose tail of stone stretches from the highest part of the garden and ends with its big mouth wide open.
Another big playground is hosted inside the Garden of Villa Strozzi. It was designed in the 16th century and boasts water fountains and mannerist artistic elements.
Last, but absolutely not least, is the Boboli Gardens, a real open-air museum! They were so beautifully designed and contained so many elements and buildings that they inspired the Gardens of Versailles.

Museums for Kids in Florence

1) Palazzo Vecchio

Literally “Old Palace”, this building has been the symbol of the political power of the city of Florence for over 700 years. Today is the headquarters of the Mayor of but also features an amazing Museum, which includes an area for children. Here the Mus.e Association holds daily activities to entertain children from 4 years old, which can be booked in different languages, including English, to guide the whole family through all sections of the Museum. The Museum for Kids in Palazzo Vecchio brings the Renaissance city to life for kids with demonstrations of how the Medici lived and ruled. If you are not scared of heights, climb up to Palazzo Vecchio’s tower: it has a wonderful view and is not as tough a climb as the one to the Dome of the Duomo of Florence. (just keep in mnd children under 6 are not allowed to go up the tower).

2) Palazzo Strozzi

Palazzo Strozzi is among the Museums for Kids in Florence that offer the most comprehensive range of activities, for toddlers, kids and teens. Families with young children can take place in workshops that include storytelling, take at the entrance a “drawing kit”, to keep the little ones engaged and evn a stroller tours for parents with children under age three. If you think exhibitions would bore your kids ask at the entrance for a “family kit” full of games and information designed to breathe life into the visit and explore the exhibition in a uniquely captivating way.

3) Galileo Museum

The Galileo Museum hosts an important collection of tools designed and made by Galileo Galilei as well as a scientific collections of the Medici and Lorraine families. Among the items displayed is a huge collection of compasses, armillary spheres and astrolabes, together with thousand more instruments and scientific equipment. It will be like a journey into the past, from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries.

The museum is easy to reach, being located along the Arno River and not far from the Uffizi Gallery. It has been completely restored and is now a real interactive museum with many activities for kids, even though only in Italian. Why not visiting It with one of our kid-friendly guides?

4) Leonardo Da Vinci’s Museum

Located in the centre of Florence, no far from the Duomo, The Leonardo da Vinci Museum is of course completely dedicated to biggest genius of the Renaissance. He wasn’t just a painter, but also a valid architect and engineer. The museum displays reconstructions of various civil engineering, military and flying projects designed by Leonardo for the Medici family and other powerful people.

Why would a kid have fun here? Because several machines are interactive and even the younger ones can experience them directly and discover how they operate. Every object features an explanation and a detail description: you can read it and explain the machine to your kid… or maybe he will explain to you! Want to have a tour with a kid-friendly guide inside the Museum and in the centre of Florence? We can organize a nice tour of the Market of Florence, a stroll in the cty centre ad a guided visit inside this museum with a local guide!

5) Natural History Museum

Among the top kid-friendly museums in Florence, the Museum of Natural History is a favorite among the little ones! The 6 sections that make up the Museum are located in different areas of the city, but are still inside Florence historical centre. Although founded 300 years ago it’s been constantly updated and is today one of the finest collection in Italy.

In the Geology and Paleontology section a large number of fossils from Italy are displayed, to show the evolution of life on earth from 3.5 billion years ago. Your kids will love the elephant “Pietro”, with its 4 meters height, one of the fossils found in the Valdarno area in Tuscany.

The Museum La Specola is all about animals! It’s the oldest science museum in Europe and houses a collection of 5000 stuffed animals and 3000 skeletons. Don’t miss the beautiful Galileo Tribune, showing frescoes and bas-reliefs celebrating the discoveries and instruments of the great Florentine genius.

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